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How ADHD Affects Learning In Students

They may have difficulty focusing on tasks, staying engaged in lessons, and filtering out distractions. Teachers often get frustrated that they do not seem to be listening in class and make careless mistakes.

They may struggle with controlling their impulsive behaviours, blurting out answers, interrupting others and intruding on conversations, or acting without thinking. These can lead to social isolation and anxiety.

Some students may exhibit hyperactive behaviour, such as constant fidgeting, talking excessively, or inability to stay still for long periods. The most obvious sign to look for is an inability to remain seated for long, which leads to stress.

Students with ADHD may struggle with managing their time effectively, keeping track of assignments, or maintaining an organised workspace.

They may have difficulty retaining information, following instructions, or transitioning between tasks. They may regularly lose or forget homework, books and sports stuff and have a particularly untidy room.

They may have difficulties managing their emotions, leading to mood swings, frustration, anger, anxiety and burnout.

They may find starting or finishing tasks challenging, often overwhelmed with the demand for sustained attention and effort. This can be because they get distracted or need more energy to sustain mental input.

Students with ADHD may struggle with low self-esteem or feelings of inadequacy due to academic or behavioural difficulties. This results from losing social connections and comparing themselves to others without the condition.

Supporting Students With ADHD

Encourage routine

It can be challenging to establish a predictable daily routine for someone with ADHD (this is something we have spent a significant time developing). However, it is valuable as this helps students with ADHD stay organised and reduces stress and anxiety.

Clear and concise instructions

Break down tasks into smaller, manageable steps and provide clear and concise instructions. Visual aids such as diagrams, graphs or posters and written guidelines can help reinforce understanding.


Collaborate with parents, teachers, and education professionals to create an Individualised Education Program (IEP). This plan outlines specific accommodations and modifications to address the student’s academic and personal needs. Examples include extended time for assignments or tests and frequent breaks.

Organisation support

Teach organisational skills, such as using planners, colour-coding materials, and creating checklists to help students stay organised. Although this may be a challenge, those with ADHD usually appreciate organisation. To help, you can provide tools, like file folders or binders, to help keep their materials in order.

Allow regular breaks

Students with ADHD might benefit from short breaks or opportunities for movement during long tasks or lessons. Incorporate physical activity into the daily routine, such as stretching, sports, or other exercise; we highly recommend yoga as it is an excellent opportunity to destress after a busy day at school.

Social and emotional support

Provide a supportive and understanding classroom environment. Teach self-regulation strategies for emotional control and social skills for positive interactions. Positive human connection is precious for all of us; however, it can be incredibly challenging for those with ADHD, so plenty of support here is required.

How Can An ADHD Tutor Help Me?

One-on-one support

As special education tutors, we tailor the teaching methods and materials to meet the specific needs of students with ADHD/ADD. They can break down complex concepts into smaller, more manageable parts and provide step-by-step guidance.


Many individuals with ADHD/ADD struggle with organisation, time management, and study skills. A tutor or coach can teach techniques and strategies that help students stay organised, plan their tasks, prioritise their assignments, and manage their time effectively.

Attention and focus strategies

We help students develop strategies to improve attention and focus during study sessions. This involves incorporating movement breaks, breaking tasks into smaller chunks, or using visual aids to enhance engagement and understanding. Long-term strategies such as relaxation techniques and learning the condition’s biology help improve long-term outcomes and reduce associated stress.

Self-regulation skills

Students with ADHD/ADD may struggle with impulsivity, self-control, and emotional regulation. A coach or tutor will guide the development of coping mechanisms, self-monitoring techniques, and emotional regulation strategies to enhance overall self-regulation skills.

Building confidence

As tutors and coaches, we encourage positive reinforcement and support to boost a student’s confidence and motivation. We help students set achievable goals, track their progress, and provide regular check-ins to ensure they stay on track, leading to increased motivation and engagement.

The ADHD Tutoring Experience At Sunbeam Education

Understanding And Compassionate Tutors

Our tutors provide individualised expert support, and patience from first-hand experience; we help students thrive academically while encouraging them to grow as individuals.

Reduce Stress And Anxiety

As anxiety and stress are such prominent factors in ADHD/ADD during education, we have build tools that help students deal with current and future periods of anxiety and stress.

Improve Executive Functioning

We work on organisation skills, time management techniques, goal-setting strategies, and building problem-solving methods to help students during education and in their futures.

How To Hire A Good Tutor For ADHD From Sunbeam Education

Find A Tutor Who Works For You

Find the perfect tutor by assessing their skills and compatibility. If you can’t decide, feel free to send us a message or schedule a free call.

Schedule A Free Introductory Chat

Book a free introductory call with us to discuss options and ask any questions you may have about our process of supporting students with ADHD/ADD.

Onboard Your Tutor

As soon as you feel confident in our methods and procedures, you can begin your course immediately by enlisting the help of one of our experts.

What Clients Say

Andy Beale Parent

Alex has been coaching Harry in support of his A Levels and has built up an excellent and productive working relationship. Harry feels much more confident, organised and ready for the exams to come.

Guy Grewar Parent

Our teenage daughter benefits enormously from Alisha and Alex's tutoring techniques, which are guided by their personal experience of ADHD. I would highly recomend sunbeam education

Jess Not Student

Working with Alex has helped broaden my perception of working with ADHD and enabled me to tailor revision techniques to specifically engage my brain. I find him to be a very motivating and encouraging

Jodie Student

Since starting tutoring with Alex, my confidence has grown massively. Our sessions are relaxed, but also productive and always positive. Alex carefully explains every topic in detail


ADHD affect an estimated 5.3% of the population and often causes students to struggle at school. ADHD can affect students in a variety of ways, including making it difficult for them to concentrate and stay on task. It can also lead to lower grades, difficulty managing time and organisation skills, issues with social interactions and impulsive behaviour. ADHD can also cause frustration among teachers and other students when it is not managed correctly. With proper support from an ADHD tutor or coach, however, these challenges can be managed.

Our ADHD coaching is an evidence-based process that assists people with ADHD and ADD to develop the skills, insights and strategies needed to manage their symptoms and reach their goals. We work collaboratively with students on topics such as self-awareness, emotional regulation, time management, organisation and study skills. We also help them strengthen motivation and create positive behaviour support.

As specialised ADHD coaches focussing on students at school, college, or university, we support students through individualised help. We help students build self-awareness, emotional regulation, time management, organisation and study skills. The most valuable support is often aiding students in building self-confidence through providing a comfortable space to discuss issues in their academic and personal lives. Additionally, our coaches provide support in finding resources that can help manage their educational needs.

An ADHD coach would cost you anywhere between 80 pounds/hour to 150 pounds/hour

Students with ADHD often learn best through anecdotes, engaging stories, and trial and error. They often benefit from varied learning activities, including video tutorials, demonstrations, and first-hand experience. It is essential to give students regular instructions and reminders, break down tasks into smaller goals, and allow them to take breaks as needed.