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Providing compassionate and expert support for students. We are autism, ADHD, dyslexia, and other special education needs tutors and education experts.

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We know how hard it can be for children with autism, ADHD, dyslexia, or other special educational need to reach their full academic potential, and you may feel like there’s nothing you can do about it. But don’t worry! We’re here to help.

Our team of educational professionals is dedicated to helping students with autism, ADHD, dyslexia, and other special educational needs achieve their full potential by providing compassionate care and individualised attention to homeschooled and traditional school students. We specialise in taking empathetic educators who understand the impact of these conditions. Our services are tailored to each student’s unique needs so they can succeed in the classroom.

We’re proud to be a leading provider of online tutoring for students with autism, ADHD, dyslexia, and other special educational needs. Our team of experts  are passionate about their subject and are dedicated to helping you achieve your academic goals by providing personalised one-on-one support! With our caring and dynamic approach, we’ll help you overcome the challenges that come with one of these conditions. We help you feel confident and supported every step of the way.

Students work with an expert who will help them develop working habits, improve their subject-specific skills, and learn how to tackle personal issues associated with the conditions. The tutor will monitor each student’s progress and answer any questions that come up along the way.

The problem with school for many children with autism, ADHD, dyslexia and other special educational needs is information overload. They may have trouble focusing on the teacher, remembering specific aspects of their work, or producing work quickly and accurately enough. This can lead to a lack of confidence in their abilities and stress, which makes it hard for them to succeed in school. Sunbeam Education works one-on-one with each student, at their pace, to help them gain confidence, improve skills and focus on learning.

Sunbeam Education provides online private tutoring for students with autism, ADHD, dyslexia and other special educational needs. We work one-on-one with each student using methods tailored specifically to their needs, whether visual diagrams, analogies, or other teaching methods that help them learn more effectively.

We are dedicated to helping students with autism, ADHD, dyslexia and other special educational needs build lifelong skills. We understand that learning can be a challenge, so we focus on making learning fun by building specialised techniques to bring out your child’s potential! Our program works by pairing students with teachers who understand their needs and can provide them with personalised learning in an engaging way.

Our teachers are experts in helping students improve their writing, subject knowledge, memory, and self-confidence. We can help your child whether they are homeschooled or in the traditional schooling system. We support students in organising homework assignments, keeping track of schoolwork, preparing for exams, and most importantly, enjoying the process.

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We focus on a compassionate and understanding teaching style. We have first hand experience with neurodiversity. Through personalised teaching, therapeutic interventions, and nurturing support, we empower your child to overcome obstacles and thrive in their academic journey.


At Sunbeam, we believe that education should be compassionate, bespoke and not clinical. That is why we look for empathetic experts with first-hand experience to help students with autism, ADHD, and dyslexia with their academic performance, life skills, and self-confidence.

We understand the importance of education and its impact on a student’s life and strive to provide the best tutoring services available. We want our students to feel cared for and not alienated, so we ensure our services are tailored to their individual needs.

We are passionate about providing students with the support, guidance, and resources they need to make their educational journey more enjoyable and successful.

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What Clients Say:

Andy Beale Parent

Alex has been coaching Harry in support of his A Levels and has built up an excellent and productive working relationship. Harry feels much more confident, organised and ready for the exams to come.

Guy Grewar Parent

Our teenage daughter benefits enormously from Alisha and Alex's tutoring techniques, which are guided by their personal experience of ADHD. I would highly recomend sunbeam education

Jess Not Student

Working with Alex has helped broaden my perception of working with ADHD and enabled me to tailor revision techniques to specifically engage my brain. I find him to be a very motivating and encouraging

Jodie Student

Since starting tutoring with Alex, my confidence has grown massively. Our sessions are relaxed, but also productive and always positive. Alex carefully explains every topic in detail


At Sunbeam Education, we highly value the quality and effectiveness of our services. With this in mind, we have initiated partnerships with individuals at charities and universities to refine our tutor training material and ensure it is consistently exceedingly high in standard.

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Our ADHD tutoring is an evidence-based process that assists people with ADHD and ADD to develop the skills, insights and strategies needed to manage their symptoms at school, university or college. We work collaboratively with students on specific subject support, self-awareness, emotional regulation, time management, organisation and study skills. We also help them strengthen motivation and create positive behaviour support. ADHD tutoring is a form of ADHD coaching that supports students

As specialised ADHD tutors focussing on students at school, college, or university, we support students through individualised help. We help students build self-awareness, emotional regulation, time management, organisation and study skills. The most valuable support is often aiding students in building self-confidence through providing a comfortable space to discuss issues in their academic and personal lives. Additionally, our tutors support finding resources that help manage their educational needs.

Autism tutoring requires a wide variety of skills as it is highly individualised. Every student is unique, and guidance is tailored to their personal needs. As tutors, we work to understand the student’s preferred learning strategies, incorporating the student’s interests and using evidence-based interventions that are effective in helping students with autism learn. Tutoring focuses on specific subjects they need support with, increasing academic, communication, and life skills.

As autism tutors, we provide personalised instruction to students with autism to develop their academic, language, social, emotional, and behavioural skills. Tutors can provide a safe and supportive learning environment and help students identify strengths, build self-esteem, and reach academic and social goals. They can also help implement strategies such as visual supports, organisation techniques, and communication tools to help the student succeed.

The goal of dyslexia tutoring is to help individuals with dyslexia strengthen their understanding of the written language and improve their reading and writing skills. A dyslexia tutor can provide strategies and accommodations to help with processing difficulties and teach techniques to increase reading comprehension. A dyslexia tutor can also provide support in other academic areas to achieve success in the classroom.

Our dyslexia tutors provide instruction and accommodations to support academic success. They can help develop strategies to improve reading, writing, comprehension, and other subject areas. A dyslexia tutor can also provide support and advice to parents to help them understand and learn how to best support their child’s learning needs.

Special educational needs (SEN) tutoring is specialised instruction tailored to the specific learning needs of students with special education needs. The instruction may focus on subjects, although it can also encompass social, organisational, and study skills. Special educational needs tutoring can help children with special needs succeed academically and gain the confidence they need to reach their goals.

SEN tutors help to identify strengths, improve academic skills, develop strategies to improve social skills, and build confidence. An SEN tutor works with students who a more traditional education system may have left behind and often need instruction in specific academic areas that a standard tutor may be unable to provide. SEN tutors give practical support tailored to students’ needs, helping them reach their educational goals.

We work with all special educational needs (SEN) students. As SEN tutors, we understand the needs of students with dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, and dyspraxia, as well as many other conditions besides ADHD and autism.

At Sunbeam, we take a personal approach when working with students with certain conditions. Since we, as tutors, also have these conditions, we can provide insights on support techniques and show empathy towards students’ struggles.