Is an ADHD coach worth the cost?

If you or your child suffers from ADHD, you’ve likely wondered about the best way to make things easier. One option many people have found to be effective is hiring an ADHD coach. An ADHD coach helps people learn how to manage their symptoms and live a more fulfilling life. In this article, we’ll explain what an ADHD coach is, the benefits and the cost so that you can decide whether hiring one is a good solution for you.

The benefits

An ADHD coach can help you:

  • Understand the condition and learn how your brain works so you can better manage it.
  • Manage your symptoms more effectively.
  • Set goals and achieve them by breaking down large projects into smaller tasks, creating systems for tracking progress against these goals (or even setting up reminders), and developing strategies for dealing with setbacks or roadblocks.
  • And so much more to live a fulfilled life

What does a coaching session look like?

An ADHD coach is a professional who helps you or your child with ADHD. It could be in person or online. The purpose of coaching is to set goals and make plans to achieve them.

An ADHD coach will ask questions about your life situation and goals, and then provide feedback about how those goals might be met. For example: “If we set these two tasks as priorities this week, how would that affect other areas of your life?” An effective coaching session will help you become more aware of what’s going well in your life now and what can be improved.

The sessions may be challenging so it is important that there is good chemistry and trust between coach and coachee. Both parties must feel comfortable discussing struggles and how to overcome them; and goals and how to achieve them.

How much does an ADHD coach cost?

The cost of working with an ADHD coach can vary but in general, it’s safe to say that a good coach will charge between £100 and £200 per hour. Whilst some coaches charge by the hour, others charge based on packages or monthly rates. And some may offer payment plans and discounts if you sign up for a package of sessions in advance. 

Many people see this as a worthwhile investment in their future.

Is there financial support available?

We have established that the cost of an ADHD coach is not cheap. However, there is some financial assistance that may be available:

  • You may find some coaches who will offer their services at lower rates (or even free) if they believe your financial situation warrants it. This may not lead to finding the best support, however.
  • Ask your university if they offer disability support to cover the cost of coaching.
  • If you’re currently enrolled in higher education and have been diagnosed with ADHD (or another disability), ask your school if they provide funding or scholarships for coaching services.
  • Some companies offer employee assistance programs (EAPs). EAPs are voluntary benefit plans that provide access to mental health treatment services on a pre-tax basis through third-party providers such as counsellors or psychiatrists–and yes! They often include access to coaches too! Check with HR – many companies offer this service free of charge for all employees.

Is an ADHD coach worth the cost?

If you have ADHD, you know that it can be a struggle to manage your symptoms and your life. You may also feel overwhelmed by the thought of finding an ADHD coach. 

However, the benefits to you of working with an ADHD coach, such as increased productivity at work and school as well as improved relationships with family and friends, can be life-changing. 

An ADHD coach can provide tailored support and guidance to help you or your child manage your symptoms, understand your strengths, and minimise your weaknesses. Finding solutions that work for you will undoubtedly improve your life in many ways, and help you reach your goals.

Think of the cost as an investment and choose a coach that you can talk to and trust.


Individuals with ADHD often benefit greatly from coaching. The effectiveness of coaching lies in developing skills, strategies and achieving goals. With the guidance of a coach, individuals with ADHD learn techniques to improve time management, organisation, planning, and self-regulation skills. Coaches also provide support, motivation, and accountability to help individuals stay on track with their goals and reduce anxiety and stress associated with the condition.

The average price of ADHD coaching can vary depending on various factors, such as the coach’s experience level, qualifications, and location. On average, the hourly rates for ADHD coaching range from £80 to over £200. Researching and reaching out to different coaches to inquire about their specific pricing and services is recommended.

Having ADHD can potentially be expensive, as it often requires medical interventions, therapy for associated mental health conditions, extra educational support, and coaching or support groups. These expenses are all highly worthwhile for improving the quality of life of the person with ADHD.